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:::*Our Goals
Strengthen public service and change the future construction perception:
(1) Continue improving the convenience and efficiency of administrative work procedures.
(2) Continue modifying (amending) the regulations relating to construction management, to deepen and broaden construction management levels and simplify the procedures for application cases.
(3) Continue conducting ISO-9002 internal auditing and evaluation systems, achieving the Bureau’s ISO-9002 objectives: “creativity, quality, efficiency and service,” elevating work efficiency and service quality.
(4) Comprehensive informatization in construction management, providing people with an online application system, decreasing the number of times that people need to come to the office for construction services and increasing establishment of diagram digitization and updating construction management websites to provide for more detailed real-time construction management information.
(5) Photovoltaic plan: while facing the impact on climate change, we shall actively achieve the goal of becoming the first ecological city in Taiwan through infrastructure and develop green industry as the focus of transformation. It is hoped that through the demonstration of photovoltaic systems and smart energy adjustment systems, it would be possible to effectively lower the waste of energy in construction departments and decrease the pollution from energy production. At the same time, there can be positive improvement on the urban heat island phenomenon. This is an active and correct thinking in sustainable urban development. It is hoped that the Sunlight Community Plan can expand establishment of photovoltaic systems for application in daily life.
(6) 3D green (green roof) plan: due to current greenhouse effect and unusual climate change all over the world, many countries have placed great emphasis on ecology. Kaohsiung City is actively facing problems in the urban environment and trying to improve them. It promotes new green spaces to change the aloof concrete buildings in the city. The new green spaces created along with the cultivation of plants according to spatial needs, combining the overall urban environment with green efforts to produce multifunctional living and provide for better landscaping and beautification effects.
(7) Arcade leveling plan: arcades are unique intermediary spaces between streets and houses on streets. These were originally established due to climate factors in these geographic areas, so that pedestrians can be sheltered from the rain. Since early the regulations of arcades management were not comprehensive and since property rights were private-owned, the bumpy arcades make it difficult for pedestrians to walk, easily trip pedestrians and it is also difficult for disabled people to traverse arcades. The architectural design with good intentions actually became unfriendly spaces for pedestrians and the disabled. In order to maintain safety of pedestrians, Kaohsiung City will gradually become an accessible city, restoring an accessible space for city residents. Furthermore, this can improve the urban appearance, revitalize local business opportunities and achieve the objective of accessible arcade walkways.
(8) Kaohsiung Houses Plan: in 2012 Kaohsiung City initiated the Kaohsiung Houses Plan to cope with industrial development, disaster adjustment and urban transformation and upgrading after the merging of Kaohsiung County and City in the greater Kaohsiung area, the Mayor therefore proposed the promotion of “Kaohsiung Houses Plan.” Combining a new southern architectural perspective with resident consensus, the government can develop an environmentally symbiotic landscape movement that conforms to future trends and changes. In terms of associated policy tools, the government has completed two sets of laws that are new in the country, roof photovoltaic facility establishment rules and autonomous regulations for green building, creating statutory foundations for the practical promotion of Kaohsiung Houses. This is expected to have a deep impact on the newly developed buildings in the public and private sectors in Kaohsiung City, pushing them toward a more sustainable, smarter and friendlier direction.

Continuous Development for Future Generation
(1) To cooperate with the Interior Ministry in the “Green Building Project” in order to provide a high quality living environment.
(2) To beautify the appearance of unfinished constructions or unused buildings and clean out their street frontage for people to walk without obstacles.

Assurance of Building Structure Safety and Prevention of Disasters
(1) To put into practice “The Assessment of Earthquake-Resistance of Buildings and Reinforcement Plan in Kaohsiung City” in order to protect people’s lives and property and to advance public welfare.
(2) To manage building interior design; to maintain public safety of buildings; to improve the quality of city architecture; and to provide a healthy, safe, and comfortable living environment.
(3) To examine and report on the public safety of buildings which are higher than 15 stories.
(4) To set up transparent, standardized procedures for public safety inspections of buildings, and the dismantling of illegal buildings and buildings which endanger public safety in order to achieve our goal of quality.

Tidy City Environment
(1) To penalize or dismantle advertisements which violate rules on major streets.
(2) To encourage communities to renew advertisements.

Improvement of Quality of Life in Apartment Buildings
Continue conducting counseling and training for apartment buildings to investigate the existing apartment buildings that have not yet established management commissions, to actively counsel the apartment buildings to establish management organizations and enhance management as well as maintenance.
(2) Continue to conduct symposia for apartment buildings, which are concerned with the exploration and processing of problems relating to the maintenance and management, promote experiential exchange between the government and management commissioners in order to realize the resident autonomy in apartment building management regulations.
(3) Continue to arrange for the maintenance and election of outstanding apartment building management to elevate the quality of residential life in apartment buildings.
(4) Continue to conduct survey and counseling plan of apartment building management organizations in Kaohsiung City, promote a certification mark system for the apartment buildings in the City in order to accentuate the prestige of management commissions established for apartment buildings in accordance to the law. Various bureaus in the City Government also provide for community health check-ups, health education promotion, CPR training, counseling for the establishment of monitoring systems, social welfare quarterly publications and information on art and culture to elevate the operational quality of apartment building management organizations.
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